Security at Student Accommodation Complexes

A.A. Security provides security services at major student accommodation complexes throughout the North West. Security officers are on duty to help students gain access to the complex, and to provide a secure and safe environment for students and management alike.

Safety is paramount and a detailed tailored plan is put together with management to ensure student safety comes first and detailed fire drill and fire evacuations are carried out on a monthly basis.

Gaining the trust of students is of utmost importance, and a friendly face is always better than treating the situation in an aggressive manner.
A.A. Security has been providing security services at student accommodations since 2005, and has a claims-free history in this area of expertise.

  • a full nightly log, recorded by professionally trained security personnel;
  • free digital scan systems provided in strategically-placed locations;
  • fully-trained and licensed professional security staff to enforce fire safety procedures;
  • trained experienced professionals in fire evacuation drills;
  • hourly phone checks of officers by monitoring supervisors;
  • incident records updated and recorded by security officers;
  • free weekly consultations with management to ensure the highest standards of health and safety for students, and visitors alike;
  • access to fully trained officers at brief notice.